Top ranking for Alice Kongsted and Jan Hartvigsen

n a recently published ranking from Mendeley, Alice Kongsted and Jan Hartvigsen, professors at SDU and senior researchers at the Chiropractors' Knowledge Center, rank at the absolute top as elite researchers within health science research.

They have both earned the title of elite researcher because they rank in the top 2% of all researchers on the list. The ranking is calculated on the basis of the individual researchers' publications in scientific journals. The impressive ranking underlines Alice Kongsted and Jan Hartvigsen's great effort and dedication to their research into musculoskeletal disorders.

The report is divided into two categories, which respectively describe the researchers' impact in the last year that has passed (in the current overview it is 2021), and across the researchers' careers.

To be considered 'elite', the person concerned must be among the 2% most peer-cited researchers in their research area.

See the ranking lists from Mendeley here:

The lists were compiled by John P.A. Ioannidis from Stanford University in California, USA.