Reassuring communication can be beneficial

Using data from the ChiCo cohort, Gitte Simonsen, Alice Kongsted and Tue Secher Jensen have studied the association between communication during chiropractic treatment for back pain and the outcome of the treatment.

The study examined four aspects of the therapist’s communication during the consultation: The clinician’s cognitive reassurance; relation building where the clinician shows empathy and interest in the patient; generic reassurance where the clinician reassured the patient that there were no grounds for concern; information gathering where the clinician listens to the patients and summarises the back pain. The four aspects of the therapist’s communication were assessed by the patients after the consultation.

The study revealed that patients who perceived communication as reassuring were more likely to improve. The study included data from 2056 patients from Danish chiropractic clinics.

Read more about the study in the scientific article here: