Expertscape recognises Rikke Krüger Jensen recognised as expert in spinal stenosis

Expertscapes latest ranking of experts in spinal stenosis ranks Rikke Krüger Jensen, Senior Researcher at the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub, and associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark as an impressive no. 14 in the world out of more than 8,000 researchers in spinal stenosis.

This places Rikke Krüger Jensen in the top 1 % of leading researchers in spinal stenosis worldwide over the last 10 years. The ranking includes the title Expertscape Expert in spinal stenosis.

The ranking is based on Expertscapes PubMed algorithm i.e., the number of publications, which Rikke Krüger Jensen has authored or co-authored during the last 10 years.

The ranking in the top 1 % of researchers focusing on spinal stenosis and the title Expertscape Expert is an impressive and well-deserved recognition of Rikke Krüger Jensen’s dedicated research effort in spinal stenosis.

Congratulations to Rikke Krüger Jensen with the impressive recognition.