ECCRE rewards Danish researchers

In connection with the ECU 2022 convention in Utrecht in the Netherlands, ECCRE awarded its three research prizes to researchers from Europe.

Two out of the three awards were awarded to Danish researchers: The ECCRE Best Presented Research Award was awarded to Danish PhD and researcher Casper Nim for his presentation Pressure pain thresholds in a real-world chiropractic setting – topography, changes after treatment, and clinical relevance?

Casper Nim received the award for “displaying an excellent ability to communicate complex concepts that are exploring the most fundamental aspects of clinical practice. With absolute confidence he delivers clear and concise research messages that are energetic and captivating.”    

The ECCRE Young Researcher of the Year Award was awarded to Danish PhD fellow Søren Grøn for his study Beliefs about back pain and associations with clinical outcomes: a primary care cohort study.

In the motivation for awarding the award to Søren Grøn, ECCRE states that he is “A good communicator reaching both researchers and clinicians. With a nuanced message and humble presence, he kept the audience captured and received the biggest applause of the day.”

The ECCRE Research Award was awarded to the Dutch-Belgian Research Institute of Chiropractic (DBRIC), a joint venture between the Netherlands Chiropractors’ Association (NCA) and the Belgian Chiropractors’ Union (BCU) funded primarily by the members of the two associations.

This research foundation funds and facilitates research of relevance to patients and the chiropractic profession in Belgium and the Netherlands. All research and education funded by DBRIC aim to benefit the public in general, and patients in particular, with emphasis on neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

Congratulations and well done to all the prize winners.

Casper Nim receives ECCRE Best Presented Research Award 2022