Communcation strategy

From the beginning of the strategy (note: This strategy was written before NIKKB changed its name to the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub):

The Nordic Institute for Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics (NIKKB) is the chiropractors' knowledge center. In short. And it's a name that commits. But NIKKB is more than just the center where Nordic chiropractors can gain knowledge and be updated on their profession. It is also a research institute that produces original health science research in the field of chiropractic and clinical biomechanics, and where targeted work is done to disseminate and utilize research; a service company where Danish chiropractor clinics can purchase statutory X-ray physical supervision and storage of digital X-ray recordings, as well as obtain free consulting assistance in the acquisition of X-ray systems and general quality assurance in the X-ray area; a course unit that offers and further develops postgraduate training for chiropractors in the Nordic countries; a service unit responsible for the practical implementation of the statutory rotation course for graduates in clinical biomechanics. And last but not least, NIKKB is a modern workplace and the daily hub for a number of employees - a workplace that has formulated a vision to make the department an international leader in research, knowledge dissemination and quality assurance in chiropractic.

Our ambitions are high, the work tasks are many, and the target groups vary depending on the specific communication task. These elements mean that the communication efforts at NIKKB are often complex and far from unambiguous, and demands are made on the individual employee for communicative intuition and a common understanding of the department's task and function.

The present communication strategy for NIKKB for the period 2011-2014 will identify new target groups, goals and principles for NIKKB's communication efforts, identify new binding strategic goals for communication and present five new communication priorities.

The strategy is an important operational tool for NIKKB, which must create direction and help to further develop, strengthen and promote our use of communication and be the framework that drives our common behavior in the years to come.

The strategy is aimed at NIKKB's various stakeholders, externally as well as internally. The department's employees are all important actors in NIKKB's communication, and all are therefore covered by both rights as well as responsibilities in relation to communication - both in the planning and execution.
This communication strategy replaces the communication strategy for the period 2005-2010.

Communication Strategy NIKKB

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