NIKKB has become the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub

In December 2020, the Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics (NIKKB) changed its name to the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub (Kiropraktorernes Videnscenter in Danish).

When NIKKB was founded in 1990, its aim was to support the efforts to establish a joint Nordic education in chiropractic and the institute was run by the Nordic chiropractic associations in collaboration. It made good sense to use the name Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics, in short NIKKB.

With the establishment of a university-based education in clinical biomechanics at SDU in 1994 and the other Nordic chiropractor associations gradually leaving the NIKKB board over the years, the efforts to establish a Nordic education in chiropractic have been successful and the Nordic influence on NIKKB has disappeared. This development has made the name NIKKB obsolete and a desire arose to change our name to reflect our identity more accurately.

Now the name change has come into effect. The new name reflects our identity as a knowledge hub that strives to be an internationally leading hub for research, knowledge dissemination and quality development in chiropractic. We a dynamic knowledge environment that raises the quality of chiropractic internationally through partnerships and networks, original research and greater focus on interaction and dialogue between research and practice. It therefore makes good sense that we now call ourselves a knowledge hub.

Our nrew website has a brand-new layout, and we are really quite happy with the new look. We look forward to presenting more stories about new research, continuing education and imaging diagnostics to you and offering you continuing education courses via the new website. Users who have bookmarked the old website in their browser, should update their bookmark as soon as possible.

Also, our e-mails have changed, as you might notice when you correspond with us. Emails to our old email addresses will be forwarded for some time, but it is a good idea to update your address book in your e-mail programme to be sure that your e-mails reach us. All you have to do is change the to When you receive e-mails form anybody at the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub, you will see that our signatures have changed.

NIKKB grew from strength to strength during its 30 years, here’s to the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub continuing that development into the future