Huge effort for chiropractic acknowledged

Henrik Wulff Christensen, receives “Kiropraktorprisen”, the Danish chiropractors' honorary award

On Saturday 13 November 2021, the Managing Director of the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub, Henrik Wulff Christensen, received the Danish chiropractors' honorary award ‘Kiropraktorprisen' (the Chiropractic Hororary Award) at the Danish chiropractors’ AGM. Henrik Wulff Christensen was nominated for the Chiropractor Award by the Danish Chiropractor Association's Board for his enormous work for the entire chiropractor profession. As a researcher, chiropractor, originator and, not least, as director of the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub in Odense.

Under Henrik Wulff Christensen's leadership, the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub has developed into an internationally recognized research institution that ranks among the world's absolute best in the field of back pain research. In addition, Henrik is responsible for the chiropractors' continued professional education and the newly established quality unit.