Great and well-deserved recognition for Rikke Krüger Jensen and her co-authors

Rikke Krüger Jensen and her co-author's scientific paper Patient expectations and levels of satisfaction in chiropractic treatment for lumbar radiculopathy. A mixed methods study has been selected as "Article of the Quarter" for the 2nd quarter of 2023 by the editors behind Chiropractic & Manual Therapy.

The paper describes the attitudes and expectations towards a standardised care package among a group of chiropractor patients in Denmark. Rikke Krüger Jensen and her co-researchers conclude that the patients were highly satisfied with the standardised chiropractic care packages for lumbar radiculopathy. From the patient’s perspective, the consultation should include a thorough examination, focus on communication and information about symptoms and prognosis, and address and align expectations about treatment content and effectiveness. Finally, chiropractors should coordinate interdisciplinary collaboration.

The selection of the article is a great and well-deserved recognition of both the paper and the study and Rikke Krüger Jensen and her co-author's research.

Read a summary of the paper HERE

Congratulations to Rikke Krüger Jensen and her co-authors on the recognition!