CARL residential in Sydney a huge success

The Chiropractic Academy for Research Leadership – CARL – has just held its annual meeting in Sydney, Australia.

At the week-long annual "residential", the 14 CARL Fellows discussed the challenges younger researchers with a chiropractor background struggle with. In addition, they worked on research projects and listened to and discussed with guest speakers who are specialists in creativity and interdisciplinary academic environments. This time the meeting was held at the University of Technology Sydney and at Macquarie University Sydney.

CARL is a global network of talented young researchers working together on research projects and on leadership in chiropractic. Denmark currently has 2 CARL Fellows, assistant professors Steen Harsted and Casper Glissman Nim.

CARL is founded and led by professors Jon Adams (Australia), Greg Kawchuk (Canada) and Jan Hartvigsen (Denmark). CARL is funded by a number of international chiropractic organizations including the European Centre for Chiropractic Research Excellence (ECCRE). The Chiropractic Knowledge Hub contributes by managing CARL.

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