Publication List

The Chiropractic Knowledge Hub offers chiropractors and others with an interest in research in chiropractic and clinical biomechanics to be updated with the latest research.

Researchers at the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub are very active. Every year they publish many scientific papers of interest to chiropractors or others who want to expand or update their knowledge.

Since the inauguration of the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub in 1991, it has grown to more than 500 publications.

When researchers at the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub publish a paper, it will be added to the Publication List, from which there is access to various abstracts and the opportunity to order the full paper.

The papers are distributed in the years in which they are published, and the latest year in the overview is continuously updated every time a paper is published.

By clicking on the year below, you can see which papers the researchers have published that year.

By clicking on a paper, you can read the abstract for that paper, and if you want to read the entire paper, you can click on the link "order paper/order publication" and send an email with a request to have the paper sent to you.

The overview covers the production of scientific papers since 2008.