FAQ - Research

Questions and answers about research, PHD, research papers etc.


The Research Pool at the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub provides the opportunity to provide financial and professional support to people who want to become acquainted with research.

The pool must help to ensure that chiropractors with the desire and courage to enter the research, also get the opportunity. This will help to create a broader research environment, which over time will benefit the entire profession.

At the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub, ideas are constantly being created for further research projects and good opportunities to guide younger researchers. The Chiropractic Knowledge Hub is thus always interested in entering into a constructive dialogue with interested potential researchers.

The Chiropractic Knowledge Hub can help you with information about where you can apply for research funding.

Funds can be applied for i.e. at the Chiropractor Foundation or from ECCRE.

Researchers working on a European research project can apply for international research funding from the European Center for Chiropractic Research Excellence (ECCRE).

The purpose of ECCRE is to contribute to the further development and strengthening of musculoskeletal research in Europe. Therefore, ECCRE invites researchers to apply for scholarships once a year.

Read more about ECCRE, see deadlines for submitting applications and download the relevant application forms etc. HERE