Treating Without Using Your Hands - Is That Chiropractic?

Treating Without Using Your Hands - Is That Chiropractic? is the latest course module from GEN-C. The module gives clinicians insight into the role a chiropractor can play in using a "hands-off" approach to patient consultation. The module is presented by Professor at the University of Southern Denmark and Senior Researcher at the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub, Jan Harstvigsen.

The module challenges traditional thinking in the chiropractic profession regarding limiting treatment to manual therapy and incorporates a biopsychosocial approach to patient consultation, which underlines strategies that can be used via face-to-face consultations or the telehealth environment.

This approach to patient consultation is in accordance with modern evidence based practice and gived chiropractors an opportunity for a broader utilisation of their skills. This makes this module a must for all practising chiropractors, according to GEN-C.

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