Participate in online continued professional development at GEN-C

If you have a desire to further your education at times when no physical continued professional development courses are offered, you can continue your education online.

You can do this by following continued professional development courses at GEN-C (Global Education Network for Chiropractic), an online learning portal that offers evidence-based continued professional development for European chiropractors.

GEN-C’s online continued professional development courses range widely and are conducted with European capabilities with extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal pain as educators.

GEN-C offers courses with a number of other capabilities in musculoskeletal pain research: Professor David Byfield, Sidney Rubinstein, who is behind a large amount of research in the musculoskeletal system, teaches SMT as a treatment for low back pain, and the Swedish chiropractor and Ph.D. Andreas Eklund teaches the treatment form Maintenance Care, just to name a few of the teachers and their courses.

In addition, you can, among other things, participate in continued professional development in osteoporosis, how to involve elderly patients in their treatment and many other topics that you can immerse yourself in at home in the company of your computer when it fits into your busy everyday life.

GEN-C is a collaboration between ECU (via the European Academy of Chiropractic), Chiropractic Australia and the Royal College of Chiropractors.

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